About the Artists

Deborah Chabot

Deborah Chabot - ArtistFrom a very young age, Deborah became fascinated with geometric shapes and patterns. Born in California in 1954 to her proud parents John and Ellen Chabot, she was ready to explore the wonders of the world. At the age of five, Deborah received her first kaleidoscope, that soon became her most treasured toy. The swirling colorful displays opened up her imagination and curiosity of life’s beauty and the sacred geometric forms found present in everything. She began to notice things in a remarkably different way, and her artistic gifts began to blossom as she moved through her childhood.

Deborah’s love of diverse cultures, world religions, philosophies and of master artists, especially Leonardo DaVinci, propelled her to create her own unique expressions of sacred art. Her vibrant paintings and designs, represents her deep respect and understanding of the connection between ourselves, life and the Universe. Deborah currently has produced dozens of sacred art pieces, each one uniquely relating to one’s own well being and was created with the highest intention of integrating higher consciousness in visual form. Her work, and the healing energy behind it, can assist in meditation to uplift and focus the mind and to help raise the positive energy of the recipient and their environment.

Deborah literally creates her own Universe for the world to see. Every aspect of each piece is carefully designed in accordance to the sacred geometric flow of the creative energy that she experiences. With the gift of seeing aura energy in people and objects, Deborah is also able to receive remarkable visions and impressions that comes from the very heart of Creation. She believes that each of us carry within us our own creative power, our “inner child” that when nurtured and allowed to express itself, will bring in our true power and purpose into our lives.

Deborah sends deep gratitude to the many wonderful people she has had the privilege to know, love and cross paths with. After years of creating and through Divine timing, she’s now able to share her art with the world. It is a dream fulfilled that Deborah is now able to publicly release her work and sends great appreciation and joy for the continuation of doing what she loves most, co-creating with our intelligent Universe. Deborah’s desire always remains in helping others heal through sacred geometry and rejoice in the beauty, mystery and love of our sacred existence.

“When we become one with ourselves, we then become one with all things.”


Beryl Britt

Born in 1948 in the lovely and picturesque English village of Great Massingham, Beryl, a naturally creative soul, graduated from Great Yarmouth College of Art with top grades. She attributes part of her creative talent to growing up in the rural countryside where she was inspired by the wonderful landscape, and the “sounds and seasons of nature.”

She relates of her earlier years, “Often I rode my bicycle for endless hours—no contact with humans. That freedom to roam and observe was truly a gift for my soul, creating endless imagination, bathed in ever-changing light.” Bery says that her art is a reflection of her home’s candescent color, “depicting whimsy and soft lines that dispel stark reality of the dark beauty, hope, and joy that the vision of our planet offers to us all.”

Her art is indeed an encapsulation of beauty. She says, “To imagine is everything I believe!.” She strives to convey that in her paintings and hopes that experiencing her art will raise the viewer to higher vibrations.


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